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Damien Fils-Aime



Damien Fils-Aime is a retired NYPD Police Officer with over 21 years of professional experience, Law enforcement leader and Executive Protection Consultant focused on executive  protection strategies, innovative solutions, and transformational leadership, driving  professional growth through high-integrity, and service minded methodology. He reported directly into Executive staff of command to perform duties including but  not limited to management of direct and indirect reports, overseeing NYS Penal  Law and Traffic Law activities from safety to security 

Damien drove the implementation of the impromptu questioning techniques to address  problem areas and assisted in the reduction of crime specifically in the areas of  murder (10%) and burglary (14%) within New York City utilizing 4T methodology,  incorporating Transparency, Teamwork, Training, and Tools, into the department strategic focus 

As a sworn officer, he managed and carried out established methods and procedures that garnered improvements each year, driving crime-cutting initiatives that  contributed to decreased Murders (23.3%) and shooting incidents (19.5%) in New  York City. In a lead capacity, worked with the NYC community to identify and resolve  problems and concerns regarding crime conditions. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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