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Executive Protection

Based on your security needs, Buda Security is qualified to supply both armed and unarmed guards to ensure the security of your personnel and property. Often the mere presence of a security officer will deter those persons with criminal intent.

With a team of licensed and certified security guards we can provide the security personnel that you are seeking. Our security guards not only deter crimes like vandalism, theft and trespassing, they also secure entrances and exits, verify identification and direct customers or guests at a special event. Buda Security guards protect your business, property, employees, and customers so you can concentrate on your event.

Unarmed security guards at Buda security are trained to meet the specific needs of our clients. The use of unarmed guards is the most cost effective method of protecting your business. Our management team will work with you to determine which type of guard best fits your needs. We deploy the most qualified security officers, many of whom have law enforcement experience.  Uniformed or plain clothes, they dress for the assignment’s requirements.

When the assignment calls for an armed presence, we provide licensed former law enforcement officers, all of whom can liaison with law enforcement agencies when appropriate.

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